Photo of the Day: Cherries, Cherries & More Cherries

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Did we mention that cherry season is in full swing here on the Old Mission Peninsula? It surely is.

Back in the last century when I worked on the shaker crew, we’d see so many cherries every day that we saw them in our sleep and whenever we closed our eyes during the day. Me and my pal Sally Rogers (sorting partner) and my sister Carolyn Lewis (shaker driver) called it “Cherry Berry Disease.”

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We added the “berry” in there because we used to laugh when people would call them berries. Thus, Cherry Berry Disease was born.

Here’s a picture of dark sweets in a box at the Johnson Farms cooling pad just north of Mapleton. That’s my family’s farm, but you probably know that already. Here’s my niece, Heatherlyn Johnson, and here’s how a cherry shaker works.

My brother Dean will look at this photo and pick out the one rotten cherry in there. But I’ll counter with, that’s pretty good to just have one, bro. 🙂

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  1. Ha-ha! Seen this “technique” in last century as Grandpa Johnson loaded for PFE. Dont think he ever missed muster!


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