Photo of the Day: Deer and Fawns in the Driveway

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Today’s Photo of the Day is courtesy of this beautiful deer and her two babies, spotted as we drove up our driveway here on Bluff Road the other day.

They were gracious enough to stop and pose for us, even waiting while I got my camera out of the back seat and switched lenses on it.

We’ve heard rumors about this trio wandering around the neighborhood, so it’s neat to finally see them on our place.

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  1. This picture of the deer could have been taken here in the U.P. as we have a doe with twins roaming our neighborhood along with another doe and her fawn. What a wonderful picture. They are so beautiful. Enjoy reading your articles.

    • Thanks so much, Betty. We love the deer, too (though my farmer brothers aren’t quite so enamored with them!). I keep telling them to send them over here.

      Loved meeting you and Marilyn out on the Ridgewood a few years back. 🙂


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