Photo of the Day: OMP Girl Power on a Forklift


Today’s Photo of the Day is brought to you by my awesome niece, Heatherlyn Johnson, who not only kicked cancer’s you-know-what last winter and is president of the Peninsula Community Library Board, but also helps my brothers manage Johnson Farms – including the cooling pad, about a half-mile north of Mapleton. That’s where these photos were taken.

Most Old Mission Peninsula farmers started harvesting cherries last week, which means all the cooling pads on the Peninsula, including ours, will be a flurry of activity for the next four weeks or so.

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They’re in the thick of sweet cherries (light and dark sweets) at the moment, with tarts to follow. My brother, Dean Johnson, said that no cherries were harmed in the recent storms over the weekend.

They shake about 100,000 pounds a day (which comes out to 100 tanks per day – the quota from their buyer downstate). With my brother Ward’s cherries – an additional 80,000 to 100,000 per day – Johnson Farms shakes a total of about 200,000 pounds a day.

Here’s another photo of Heather. Both she and those half-size cherry boxes are adorable (though she says they’re a bit of a pain to load onto the trucks).

Heatherlyn Johnson on a forklift at Johnson Farms' Cooling Pad on the Old Mission Peninsula
Heatherlyn Johnson on a forklift at Johnson Farms’ Cooling Pad | Jane Boursaw Photo

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