Photo of the Day: Storm Rolling In

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Today’s Photo of the Day is courtesy of John Jacobs, who sent me this amazing photo of the storm rolling in last night.

I repeat – this photo is not mine! If I am ever lucky enough to capture a photo this amazing and with a great lightning shot, no less, you guys will be the first to see it! Holy smokes! What a stunning photo of the storm that rolled in over the bay last night.

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John and I were actually both at the Parks Committee meeting at the Township Hall last night (good to meet you, John!). Towards the end of the meeting, the storm broke loose and there was this sudden torrential rain (yeah, my car windows were open a tiny bit, but thankfully, things didn’t get too drenched in there).

John captured this shot on his way home. I think it’s over West Bay as the storm rolled in, but John can jump in here with more info.

Thank you, John! Send more photos any time. And I appreciate the high-resolution, too. Lots of folks send me low-res photos that don’t convey well on the Gazette website.

If any Gazette readers would like to send along photos for our Photo of the Day section, feel free! Just make sure they’re high-resolution, meaning 1MB or higher, with pixels at least 2000 or more. Email pics to [email protected].

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  1. The photo was taken from my house on Old Mission Bay, looking south and west toward Elk Rapids and Traverse City.


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