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Haserot Beach | Jane Boursaw Photo
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There has been a growing discussion concerning the impending boat launch expansion at Haserot Beach. So yesterday on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, I decided to drive down to the beach and assess the current situation myself.

As I approached the first blind curve, I noticed that a resident had put a homemade sign in their yard begging people to please slow down. As I approached and rounded the first blind curve, I saw that both sides of the road were lined with vehicles, most with boat trailers attached to them, even though there were some spaces left in the adjacent parking lot.

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The beach was pretty crowded, with some people meandering alongside the parked cars on the road. It struck me that people wouldn’t do that downtown, so why here?

As I approached the second blind curve, I noticed that the parked vehicles and trailers continued on both sides of the road around the curve and beyond, up Eastern Avenue. I turned around and proceeded back in the opposite direction.

It was then that I noticed the vehicles and trailers line up on both sides of Bay Street. Most notably on Bay Street by the corner was a man standing in the street in front of a commercial sized barbecue rig with smoke wafting out of it and all his accoutrements laid out in the back of his truck.

Truck and trailer with BBQ on Bay Street near Haserot Beach on the Old Mission Peninsula
Last to leave: truck and trailer with BBQ on Bay Street near Haserot Beach | Jane Boursaw Photo

As I left the area, it was obvious to me that the residents there are being overwhelmed, and there doesn’t seem to be enforcement of any kind going on.

Whether doubling down on the situation at Haserot Beach is a good idea or not, I’ll leave that up to you. I suggest you drive by the beach this weekend and assess the situation yourself. It should only take a glimpse.

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  1. On Sat & Sun, Aug 10 &12, I counted 25 cars parked on the side of the roads of Swaney & Bay St. There was one car parked in the overflow lot. This has been the case for at least the past 10 years if not longer. I’ve been a Bay St. resident for about 13 years. If pedestrian safety is a concern, parking should not be invited on the side of the road. Folks should be forced to park in a parking lot. The current signs, “No Parking on Pavement” is basically stating, Go Ahead and Park Here.

  2. Didn’t the township indicate that the property across from the Old Mission Inn would be the boat launch area? Lots of space there for vehicles with boat trailers. I realize Haserot Beach waters are deeper and better for launching boats but unless there is a plan for a parking area other than the road changes need to be made before someone is injured.


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