Photo of the Day: Vultures Outside the Window

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You know things are dicey when two vultures land outside your window while you’re tapping away on important things. Look, I know I’m not a great housekeeper, but I don’t think we’ve reached health hazard status where vultures start circling the house.

But there they are, outside the window of Old Mission Gazette¬†World Headquarters here on Bluff Road. And one of them did a weird thing where he spread his wings out and kept them there for about a minute, as if to say, “I’m coming for you. There’s nothing you can do.”

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At least, I think they’re vultures. Someone tell me in the comments below if today’s Photo of the Day is indeed a vulture.

I will now be retreating into a hidden bunker in an unknown location somewhere on the Old Mission Peninsula. If you need me, call Tim.

Vultures on Bluff Road on the Old Mission Peninsula
Vulture on Bluff Road on the Old Mission Peninsula | Jane Boursaw Photo

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