Flowers from The Farm at Cherry Hill, Seibold Orchards on the Old Mission Peninsula
Flowers from The Farm at Cherry Hill | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Fall produce is starting to make an appearance at all the Old Mission Peninsula roadside farm stands. Apples, pears, prunes, grapes, pumpkins, gourds and an assortment of other colorful beauties.

But let’s stop for a moment and celebrate the beautiful flowers – food for the soul – at The Farm at Cherry Hill’s farm stand, located at 13206 Center Road on the Old Mission Peninsula. Their roadside stand can be found across the road and slightly south of the Peninsula Township offices.

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All summer long, they have gorgeous blueberries for sale at the stand, along with a huge assortment of flowers arranged into lovely bouquets ready for you to take home and liven up your surroundings with amazing colors.

Dahlias are front and center at the stand right now, but I just checked their Instagram account (go follow them right now) and see that they’ve just added everyone’s favorite Honeycrisp apples to the stand, too (see below).

The Farm at Cherry Hill is run by the Seibold family, who bring their cherries into my family’s cooling pad – Johnson Farms – just north of Mapleton. Tim and I ran into Lew and Kathleen Seibold at Slabtown Burgers last week, and they said their daughter Annika Seibold Lorenz has been overseeing the farm stand.

I stopped by the Seibold’s a couple years ago and wrote up a little story about their barn (they live in the old Giles farmhouse at the end of the road). We couldn’t decide when Cherry Hill Road got its name, but I have a long history with that road and farm, as my best friend Bethany Beadle and her family lived there when I was a youngster in the 1960s. Sometimes we’d walk there from Old Mission Peninsula School after school let out. She had a horse named Ike, and sometimes I’d take my horse Copper over there and we’d ride together.

We are truly blessed to live in a community where there’s an abundance of fresh fruit, veggies and flowers. Thank you to the Seibolds and other OMP farmers who make that happen every day. I know it’s a lot of hard work, and your community appreciates you so much.


  1. We certainly do appreciate the fruits, veggies, flowers, the farmers and their help. I love being able to stop by their stands and purchase the results of their efforts. Thank you, thank you.


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