Photo of the Day: Grape Sweaters at Brys Estate – 2019 Edition

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It’s about that time again. Old Mission Peninsula vineyards are carefully wrapping their grapes in what I like to call “grape sweaters.” Or perhaps lovely bridal veils.

Either way, the grapes are cozy and safe and loved as the fall days get a little chillier (though not this week, which has been a return to summer).

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I guess the grape sweaters are something akin to Bardon’s opening in the spring after a long winter. When the sweaters go on, we know that summer is ending here on the OMP and fall is fast approaching, bringing with it beautiful autumn colors and dramatic poofy clouds.

We follow the grape sweaters year after year here on the Gazette, like old friends in the seasons of life. Here they are in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

I’m not sure what happened in 2018. I guess we were dealing with this, not to mention the new OMPS opening, Peninsula Fire Department’s open house (we’ve got another one coming up – stay tuned to the Gazette for details), those intriguing bones uncovered in Old Mission, and some excitement in the Peninsula Township offices.

According to the video below – courtesy of Brys Estate – the netting is draped over the grapes about six weeks before harvest. Some 45 miles of netting over 50 acres of grapes. That’s a lot of netting.

The netting – which is applied via a machine with human help – helps to keep critters like birds, deer and raccoons from feeding on the tasty grapes as they continue to ripen on the vine.

By the way, look for pumpkins, gourds and other autumny things coming up soon at Secret Garden, Brys Estate’s lovely gift shop just over the hill and through a vineyard or two.

Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery and Secret Garden (one of our advertising partners) are located at 3309 Blue Water Road on the Old Mission Peninsula.

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