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If you’ve tried to get hold of me lately, you might have figured out it’s a bit of a challenge. Calling me is kind of a lost cause because I get so many telemarketers and robocalls every day, that I generally just keep my phone on the “Do Not Disturb” setting.

And because of that, leaving me a voicemail to call you back is a lost cause, too. I basically don’t pay a lot of attention to the “phone” part of my phone, and if I could figure out how to disable it, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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Side Note: If you have an Android/Samsung phone, you’ll find the “Do Not Disturb” setting under “Settings” and “Notifications.” You can set it up in various ways; I have mine set up to receive all texts and only calls from people in my “Contacts.”

So how DO you get hold of me? Here are a few ways, in order of the best way to do it:

1. Call Tim. (He IS the Gazette’s managing editor, after all.) His ancient flip-phone doesn’t seem to get as many spam calls as my ancient Android. He always answers his phone, and we’re usually together since we live together, work together, and pretty much do everything together. And if you’re calling about anything to do with Old Mission history, he likely will know the answer. His no. is (231) 342-0209.

2. Text me. I’m pretty good about responding to texts. If you haven’t texted me before, just make sure to identify yourself, and then I can put you in my Contacts, and then your phone call will make it through my “Do Not Disturb” setting. Text me day or night at (231) 590-4715. I work late, so yeah, don’t be surprised if you text me at 3 a.m. and I text you right back.

3. Email me. I recently managed to whittle my black hole of an inbox down to zero (from about 8000 emails – ack). I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping it under 100 most days and responding in a somewhat timely manner. If it’s something I can answer right away, I’ll try to email you back right away. If it’s something that requires research or archival info on my part, it might take me longer. Email me at [email protected].

4. Message me through Facebook Messenger. I’m pretty good about getting back to people this way. You can send me a message through either Facebook Messenger on my personal profile or through the Gazette Facebook page.

And if you do all of the above and still haven’t heard from me, feel free to nudge me. Thank you!

A NOTE FROM JANE: I started Old Mission Gazette in 2015 because I felt a calling to provide the Old Mission Peninsula community with local news. After decades of writing for newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Family Circle and Ladies' Home Journal, I really just wanted to write about my own community where I grew up on a cherry farm and raised my own family. So I started my own newspaper.

Because Old Mission Gazette is a "Reader Supported Newspaper" -- meaning it exists because of your financial support -- I hope you'll consider tossing a few bucks our way if I mention your event, your business, your organization or your news item, or if you simply love reading about what's happening on the OMP. In a time when local news is becoming a thing of the past, supporting an independent community newspaper is more important now than ever.

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