Cut-Across at the Hogsback on the Old Mission Peninsula
Cut-Across at the Hogsback | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Every week, I get a few emails from folks asking why they’re not getting their Old Mission Gazette email newsletters. Did I take them off the list? (I would never do that, people. You’re my everything.) Am I not sending the newsletters anymore? (Again, no. They’re going out once a week, and if I can get it together, I’ll be sending them twice a week soon.)

Here’s the thing: I have the ability to check my newsletter program and see who’s opening and not opening the Gazette emails. When I recently checked a friend’s question on this, I could see that she’d received the last 14 newsletters (ever since she signed up), but hadn’t opened any of them.

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Are You Using Gmail? 

So just what is the deal? If you’re certain that you signed up for the newsletter (if you haven’t, subscribe in the box at the top of this story), but haven’t been seeing it in your inbox, chances are good that you’re using Gmail for your email provider.

Gmail has a little known thing where they “sort” your emails for you. That’s not always a bad thing, unless you don’t know this is happening and can’t find the emails they’ve sorted for you.

Here’s Where the Gazette Newsletters Are Hiding

So, do this for me. Open your Gmail. At the top of your page, you’ll see three “tabs” – Primary, Social and Promotions. Gmail automatically sorts Old Mission Gazette newsletters into the “Promotions” tab. If you click that tab, you’ll see them there, along with probably a lot of other stuff you didn’t know was in there.

Here’s what mine looks like (along with a few emails, which will all end up in Gazette stories, so I don’t think I’m violating any privacy issues here):

Here's Why You're Not Getting Old Mission Gazette Email
Jane’s Gmail Account | Jane Boursaw Photo

The “Social” tab in the middle contains anything related to your social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The “Primary” tab on the left is where all your other emails go.

Now that you’re armed with this info, what do you do with it? Well, you can leave the Gazette newsletters in your Promotions tab and just find them there. But there’s another option.

Move the Newsletters to Your Primary Tab

Go into that Promotions tab and find one of the Gazette newsletters that’s been languishing in there. Don’t open the email, but right-click on it. This will give you the option to “move” that email to your “Primary” tab. And once you do that, you’ll also see an option to always have the Gazette emails go into your Primary tab (click “yes” for this).

If you do NOT use Gmail and still aren’t getting the Gazette newsletters (again, emailed once a week; possibly twice coming up), they might be ending up in your spam or junk folder. Check those folders, right-click the email and mark it as “not spam” or “not junk,” and it should go into your main email folder after that.

And if you don’t want any more emails cluttering up your life, I totally get that! (As someone who recently whittled down her inbox from 8000 emails to 100.) You can always go to Old Mission Gazette’s website daily (that’s this website you’re reading right now) and read the lastest news there.

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to drop a note in the comments below or email me at

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