Old Mission Peninsula Store, OMPstore.com on the Old Mission Peninsula
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It’s about that time of year when holiday shopping becomes a thing – and we can help! I’ve been a busy bee the past few months working behind the scenes to re-launch The OMP Store – OMPstore.com – our sister site to Old Mission Gazette. We now have even more items for sale – and at better prices.

At OMPstore.com (aka the Old Mission Peninsula Store), we offer a variety of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, drinkware, car stickers, magnets, photo prints, framed prints, wrapped canvas and lots more – all focused on the Old Mission Peninsula and northern Michigan.

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M37 T-Shirt at OMPstore.com, aka the Old Mission Peninsula Store on the Old Mission Peninsula

We also have 2020 calendars coming this week, along with holiday ornaments (working in conjunction with the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society, to start). This year’s calendars are “Dogs of Old Mission Peninsula” and “Old Mission Peninsula Scenes.” I’m still working on those – and will write up a story here on the Gazette when they’re ready.

OMPstore.com is really an extension of Old Mission Gazette, because everything in the store has a story, whether it’s the tale of the little sports team that could (Old Mission Panthers) or the story of beautifully scenic M37, which as we all know, ends at Mission Point Lighthouse.

By the way, that Panthers design in the store is the traditional one (and colors) that Tim and I grew up with when we went to school at OMPS back in the last century. We’ll add more Panthers designs – and more designs and items, in general – as we go along.

Old Mission Panthers Onesie at OMPstore.com, aka the Old Mission Peninsula Store

And then there’s the story of the Peninsula Redeyes, a softball team that despite its name (hey, games were played at Bowers Harbor Park on Sunday afternoon – after Saturday night – in the 1960s), managed to do pretty well playing other local teams out of Glen Arbor, Traverse City and the like.

As with everything we do on Old Mission Gazette, let us know if anything looks amiss or doesn’t work right at OMPstore.com (email me at [email protected]). Yes, we’re adding yet another skill to your community resume. Along with being our Gazette editors at large, you’re now our quality control team at OMPstore.com. It’s all a work in progress, my friends.

Old Mission Peninsula Beanie at OMPstore.com, aka the Old Mission Peninsula Store

Here are some links below to get you started. Note that everything needs to be ordered online from the store – we don’t have a warehouse full of items here on Bluff Road.




OMPeace Sweatshirt at OMPstore.com, aka the Old Mission Peninsula Store on the Old Mission Peninsula

OMPeace Water Bottle at OMPstore.com, aka the Old Mission Peninsula Store on the Old Mission Peninsula

A NOTE FROM JANE: I started Old Mission Gazette in 2015 because I felt a calling to provide the Old Mission Peninsula community with local news. After decades of writing for newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Family Circle and Ladies' Home Journal, I really just wanted to write about my own community where I grew up on a cherry farm and raised my own family. So I started my own newspaper.

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