Caroling through Traverse City with Buchan's | Jane Boursaw Photo
Caroling through downtown Traverse City with Buchans | Jane Boursaw Photo

There’s nothing like caroling around Traverse City with a group of happy humans to get you in the holiday spirit. Last night, I had the chance to help decorate the Buchan’s trailer (from Buchan’s Blueberry Hill Farm on the Old Mission Peninsula), and spread good cheer by caroling through town with Ben and Lori Buchan, my friend Ruthanne Bohrer-Agosa, and a group of joyful people of all ages.

We drove through the alley that’s so beautifully decorated (around Ninth or Tenth Street?), through a neighborhood by Munson Medical Center where all the houses are decorated with the Twelve Days of Christmas and iconic Christmas movies, and through downtown Traverse City, where we saw a group of Corgis and Golden Retrievers with their humans. (Was it Dog Night in downtown TC? It was awesome, and I’m bummed I didn’t get photos of them!)

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All along the way, we sang and waved at people, and they sang and waved back at us. It was such a blast, and just what I needed in this busy season where Christmas sometimes gets lost in the fray.

And if you haven’t had a chance to check out the lights around town, these neighborhoods are brimming with holiday cheer. A few photos…

Caroling with Buchans in Traverse City, Michigan
Confab in the Trailer Before Caroling | Jane Boursaw Photo
Caroling with Buchans in Traverse City
Caroling with Buchans, Right to Left: Ruthanne Bohrer-Agosa, Ellen Stowe Montoya; Ellen’s daughter; and yours truly | Ben Buchan Photo
Caroling with Buchans in Traverse City, Michigan
Caroling in the alley around Ninth or Tenth Street | Jane Boursaw Photo
Caroling with Buchans in Traverse City, Michigan
Caroling through the “Twelve Days of Christmas” neighborhood near Munson Medical Center | Jane Boursaw Photo
Caroling with Buchans in Traverse City, Michigan
Caroling Through Downtown Traverse City | Jane Boursaw Photo
The Parrot from Buchan's Blueberry Hill
The Buchan’s Blueberry Hill Parrot (who did not go caroling with us) | Jane Boursaw Photo

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