Jim and Marcy Richards of Old Mission General Store on the Old Mission Peninsula
Jan. 25, 2020: Jim and Marcy Richards with a happy customer at the Old Mission General Store | Jane Boursaw Photo
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You’ve probably heard some chatter this past week about the Old Mission General Store. That they’d closed. That the IRS had shut them down. That any number of other things had happened.

We stopped by the store this weekend and talked with owners Jim and Marcy Richards. They are indeed open. They plan on being open. And nobody shut them down.

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“We’re here, and we’re open,” confirmed Marcy. And that was indeed clear by the fact that several customers were in the store and she made a couple of pizzas during the few minutes we were there.

She noted that winters can be tough on small businesses like theirs, and this winter has been especially tough. But she wanted to let everyone know that they plan to be open for the foreseeable future.

Marcy said that she and Jim are re-imagining the store for the coming year and re-working some of their inventory. As for any scuttlebutt circulating around the Peninsula, she said the best thing to do is stop by the store, shop around, and see that they’re open for business. Hours may vary during the winter, so feel free to call ahead, (231) 223-4310.

While you’re there, you can order a sandwich or pizza (claimed to be the best in the county) or buy an ice cream cone or bottle of pop. Like other small businesses on the Old Mission Peninsula, the Old Mission General Store relies not only on summer tourist dollars to stay afloat, but also local dollars from all of us year-round.


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