Photo of the Day: Sap’s Runnin’ at Old Mission Maple

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As the world goes up in pandemic flames, the sap from the maple trees on Old Mission Peninsula know nothing about a virus called COVID-19. That sap only knows that Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start running – right into those blue bags affixed to the trees, installed by all the maple syrup makers on the OMP.

A few days ago, I posted a roundup of OMP businesses that might have just what you need in these dire times, and one of those is Old Mission Maple, run by Jeremiah and Tanya Warren. You can find their maple syrup, maple cream and maple candy, along with other farm goods, at Between the Bays – Warren Orchards’ farm stand at 2705 Island View Road.

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Today’s Photo of the Day is courtesy of some of Old Mission Maple’s blue bags on the trees near Old Mission Peninsula School. It’s comforting to see those bags and know that some things haven’t changed, while all of us are quarantined in our OMP homes, per Gov. Whitmer’s orders.

In fact, our OMP farmers continue to farm and prepare for the upcoming growing season, and for that, we can all be grateful. I’m pretty good about buying local from our farmers, but I’ll be extra good about it this coming season, and “put up” everything I can for the winter months beyond.

Check out Old Mission Maple’s Facebook page here, and read the Warrens’ guidelines for purchasing from their farmstand here.

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