Photo of the Day: A Boat Turned Planter

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What do you do with a little boat that’s aged past its seaworthy prime? If you live in Old Mission, you turn it into a planter and fill it full of lovely plants and flowers.

Today’s Photo of the Day is courtesy of just such a boat in the village of Old Mission. It is henceforth no longer an old boat who’s lost its will to live. It’s a planter! Filled with beautiful plants and flowers! A work of country art, that’s what it is.

Thank you to whoever made this happen, because it made my day when I spotted it yesterday.

Bay View Insurance of Traverse City Michigan


  1. It made me smile, too, as my mom also turned an old row boat into a planter when I was a kid (in SW Michigan near the big lake and many rivers and bayous). Thanks!


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