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The August 2020 Primary Election is now in the rear view mirror, but how did Peninsula Township fare by the numbers? And how many people voted via absentee ballot?

Of the election results listed below, we can safely report that a good majority of Peninsula Township residents who voted in the election this week cast their vote via absentee ballot.

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Per the Peninsula Township clerk’s office today, there are currently 5505 registered voters in the township. Of those, 2849 voted in this week’s Primary Election, which puts the voter turnout at about 52 percent.

Of those voting in the Primary Election, there were 2422 absentee ballots (about 85 percent) and 427 in person ballots (about 15 percent).

In Grand Traverse County, a total of 28,099 ballots were cast, including 19,123 absentee (about 68 percent) and 8,976 (about 32 percent) in person on election day. There are 78,329 registered voters in the county, which puts the voter turnout at 35.87 percent.

Let’s take a look at the numbers for Peninsula Township:


  • Supervisor: 33 Write-In; 28 absentee, 5 in person
  • Clerk: 35 Write-In; 30 absentee, 5 in person
  • Treasurer: 31 Write-In; 27 absentee, 4 in person
  • Trustee: 77 Write-In; 67 absentee, 10 in person

Delegate to County Convention – Precinct 1

  • John Snow: 512 total; 481 absentee, 31 in person
  • Lorraine Brickman: 505 total; 476 absentee, 29 in person
  • Donna Moore: 499 total: 467 absentee, 32 in person
  • Ralph Brickman: 486 total; 458 absentee, 28 in person
  • Write-In: 9 total; 9 absentee, 0 in person

Delegate to County Convention – Precinct 2

  • Amy Teare: 479 total; 449 absentee, 30 in person
  • Susan Zion: 455 total; 423 absentee, 32 in person
  • Write-In: 25 total; 23 absentee, 2 in person



  • Rob Manigold: 1223 total; 971 absentee, 252 in person
  • Write-In: 12, 8 absentee, 4 in person


  • Becky Chown: 1222 total; 970 absentee, 252 in person
  • Write-In: 5 total; 2 absentee, 3 in person


  • Brad Bickle: 1180 total; 937 absentee, 243 in person
  • Write-In: 6 total; 5 absentee, 1 in person


  • Isaiah Wunsch: 1126 total; 913 absentee, 213 in person
  • Margaret Achorn: 1026 total; 830 absentee, 196 in person
  • Warren Wahl: 1013 total; 820 absentee, 193 in person
  • Dave Sanger: 1002 total; 812 absentee, 190 in person
  • Write-In: 16 total; 15 absentee, 1 in person

Delegate to County Convention – Precinct 1

  • Sergei Kelley: 574 total; 418 absentee, 156 in person
  • Write-In: 25 total; 22 absentee; 3 in person

Delegate to County Convention – Precinct 2

  • Carol Sullivan: 481 total; 409 absentee, 72 in person
  • Mary Margaret Laurie: 475 total; 406 absentee, 69 in person
  • Write-In: 13 total; 7 absentee, 6 in person

For the complete election results for Grand Traverse County, click here.

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