Tim and Jane's Snowy Driveway on Bluff Road on the Old Mission Peninsula | Jane Boursaw Photo
Tim and Jane's Snowy Driveway on Bluff Road | Jane Boursaw Photo

I’ve been remiss in keeping up with my Photo of the Day posts, so here’s one for today.

When I first started the Gazette five years ago – this picture of our barn on “the home place” north of Mapleton was my very first story, in May of 2015 – I actually posted a Photo of the Day every single day. But as the Gazette grew and started to take shape, and I added more news and events and interviews, a photo story every day got to be too much. Still, I’d post one two or three times a week, which was still ok.

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But lately, my Photo stories have gotten short shrift, because there’s so much going on here on the Old Mission Peninsula that needs to be reported. And much of it involves more indepth, time-consuming reporting, especially news out of the Township offices – new developments, public hearings, zoning news, etc. Which I love doing (I’m a bit of a township government nerd), but those stories do take more time.

But as I think about my goals heading into the new year, I’d like to get back to posting more Photo stories – if not every day (though that’s a good goal), at least a few times a week. I love taking photos of our beautiful piece of land stretching into Lake Michigan, and readers seem to love them, too. Especially those who winter elsewhere and are looking for a piece of “home” while they’re away.

Another plus is that these Photo stories generally aren’t too time-intensive, so I should be able to post one every day, along with another more indepth story or two. She said optimistically.

And speaking of home, I grabbed this photo of our driveway yesterday after it snowed. I LOVE the snow and look forward to winter every year. There’s nothing like being in the woods on a snowy day – so peaceful. So this photo is both close to my heart AND my home.

Here’s another one. This is from my driveway looking south into the Kroupa woods next door. Beautiful, isn’t it? Like something out of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Snowy Bluff Road Woods; from Tim and Jane's driveway looking south into the Kroupa woods next door | Jane Boursaw Photo
Snowy Bluff Road Woods; from Tim and Jane’s driveway looking south into the Kroupa woods next door | Jane Boursaw Photo

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