Lost Dog Alert! Let's get 'Pie' home
Lost Dog Alert! Let's get 'Pie' home | Owner Photo
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On Monday, Feb. 1, a beautiful pup known as “Pie” went missing around 8:30 p.m. on the Old Mission Peninsula, near the intersection of Kroupa Road and Arbor Trail.

She is very scared and skittish, says her adoptive mom Caitlin, and should not be chased if you spot her.

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Pie has been spotted near the corner of Blue Water Road and Center Road, and possibly in the vicinity of Eimen Road and also Whispering Trail.

She is wearing a teal martingale collar with the name tag “Pie” and Caitlin’s phone number on it. She also has a purple reflective leash attached to her collar.

If you spot her – again, don’t chase her – contact the Cherryland Humane Society, (231) 946-5116, or call Caitlin, (231) 360-9173 ASAP. You may also report any sightings at the Cherryland Humane Society’s Facebook page here.

We are all hoping for Pie’s safe return home!



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