Winery Hill Sunset, Chateau Grand Traverse on the Old Mission Peninsula | Jane Boursaw Photo
Winery Hill Sunset, Chateau Grand Traverse on the Old Mission Peninsula | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Did you know that we have an “Opinion” section on Old Mission Gazette? Why, yes. We do. Right here.

In that section, you’ll find lots of opinions from OMP residents ranging from new developments to boat launches to road issues to the winery lawsuit.

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All opinions are welcome, as long as they’re related to something on the Old Mission Peninsula. I love having a variety of voices in the Gazette, because it’s not just my newspaper. It’s all of yours, too. Think of it as a public forum for whatever is on your mind.

I’m pretty much a one-person show here. My managing editor (that would be Tim) helps out here and there, drives me around the OMP, makes suggestions, and reads everything I write for clarity and typos. He even writes a story now and then. But most of the bylines are mine, and I would love to have other bylines (yours) in the Gazette.

Along with opinion pieces, you’re also welcome to send in other things – news items, photos, history stories, recipes or whatever else catches your fancy. Opening a new business or have an event coming up? Write it up. Send it in. We’re here for you.

Want to brag on your pet? Send in a photo, along with something about their personality and how they came to be part of your family. I would LOVE that.

See something weird on your walk last night? Take a picture. Send it in.

Want to reminisce about growing up on a cherry farm on the Old Mission Peninsula? Or why you moved here from downstate last year? You know what to do.

Because I do have a long list of stories to write (you should see my list; it’s an actual notebook), whatever YOU can write to help me out is great. You don’t even have to be a great writer (though I know all of you are). Just throw all of the details into an email and I’ll fashion it into a story.

I say “throw it into an email,” because interviews in person or over the phone take time. Time to do the interview, time to get it transcribed, and time to piece it together into a story with photos.

But if you EMAIL me your story or details, it’s all right there, just a hairsbreadth away from getting published in the Gazette.

Email everything to me at [email protected]. I have file photos that work with just about any story, but if you have a specific photo you’d like to include, email that to me, too. Photos should be as high-resolution as possible, but I can work with most sizes.

You can type stories directly into emails or attach them as Word documents, along with any photos you’d like.

Also include a short bio about yourself (a sentence or two), and if you like, a headshot (not absolutely necessary, but readers love to see WHO is writing the story). These are for your “author box” at the bottom of the story.

Got something to say? Write it up. Send it in.

Need the email again? [email protected].

A NOTE FROM JANE: I started Old Mission Gazette in 2015 because I felt a calling to provide the Old Mission Peninsula community with local news. After decades of writing for newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Family Circle and Ladies' Home Journal, I really just wanted to write about my own community where I grew up on a cherry farm and raised my own family. So I started my own newspaper.

Because Old Mission Gazette is a "Reader Supported Newspaper" -- meaning it exists because of your financial support -- I hope you'll consider tossing a few bucks our way if I mention your event, your business, your organization or your news item, or if you simply love reading about what's happening on the OMP. In a time when local news is becoming a thing of the past, supporting an independent community newspaper is more important now than ever.

To keep the Gazette going, click here to make a donation. Thank you so much for your support. -jb

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