Irish, the Irish Draught Horse on the Old Mission Peninsula | Straebel Photo
Irish, the Irish Draught Horse | Straebel Photo
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Meet, Irish, all 1,800 pounds of him!

Irish is an Irish Draught horse, with a heart as big as he is. The breed was developed in Ireland as the working horse for Irish families. These horses had to be able to do it all: pull a plow, gallop cross-country, pull a cart to Sunday mass, and be steady enough to take little ones for rides.

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Irish’s owners, Beth and Molly Straebel, claim that Irish is a great representative of the breed. He is gentle, kind, hard-working and especially fond of children. In the winter, he sports a mustache, which makes him even more charming when he begs for the occasional treat.

Irish, the Irish Draught Horse | Straebel Photo
Irish, the Irish Draught Horse | Straebel Photo

Irish likes to hang out with his other two buddies, Fiona and Clooney. He knows a lot of fancy dressage tricks and can be seen occasionally taking a leisurely trail ride (with his owner aboard) through his Old Mission Peninsula neighborhood.

Thank you, Beth and Molly, for sharing Irish with us!

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Irish, the Irish Draught Horse on the Old Mission Peninsula | Straebel Photo
Irish, the Irish Draught Horse | Straebel Photo

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  1. […] Seeking someone to help with garden/barn chores. Molly Straebel has a hobby farm and is looking for occasional workers to help with gardening, horse chores, weeding, chopping wood, etc. She says it would be ideal for a high school-aged person or just someone looking for some occasional cash-based work. For more info, call her at (231) 645-3639. Here’s Molly’s Irish Draught Horse named “Irish.” More on Irish here. […]


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