Old Mission Peninsula School - Mrs. Hilt's class, circa 1967-ish | OMPS Photo
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(This story is part of a continuing series about a collection of vintage slides from Old Mission Peninsula School that former OMPS Principal Bob Panter gave to Peninsula Community Library’s Local History Room in 2022. Read how it came about here, and check out more vintage OMPS photos here. -jb)

Today’s installment of “The Panter Collection” features Mrs. Hilt’s class around 1967-ish. I settled on that date because this is my brother Ward Johnson’s class, and if Mrs. Hilt taught 6th grade – like she did when I got to the upper hall – then Ward would have been about 11 in this photo. He was born in 1956, so that year plus 11 makes 1967.

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However, it’s very possible that Mrs. Hilt taught a different grade at that time, which would make that a different year this photo was taken. Someone from Ward’s class can chime in – in the comments section at the bottom of this story.

Ward is in the front row on the far left. That shirt always reminded me of the shirts the crew of the Starship Enterprise wore in the original Star Trek series. So if it *was designed to resemble that, my timing would be somewhat correct, because that series ran from 1966 to 1969. (Although I kind of don’t think it was patterned after Star Trek – I think that might have been the style back then.)

I can pick out a few people in this photo, but I’m hoping some of you will fill in the rest for me. I believe that next to Ward in the front row is Bruce Hooper. Behind Ward is Marlo Penney (you can’t miss that beautiful platinum blonde hair), and behind Bruce might possibly be Kim Fouch.

In the front row, third from the right, that might be Tim Holman. And in the second row, sixth from the left is Janell Wheat – I know this, because she looks exactly the same as she does today! And of course, that’s Mrs. Hilt in the back row on the right.

It looks like it might be around Christmas, with the snowy artwork on the chalkboard, so I wonder if the kids in the back row are dressed that way for the annual Christmas program in the gym.

And those pink desks!

I hope some of you will jump in with names, dates and anything else about this photo. Tell us in the comments section below.

Old Mission Peninsula School - Mrs. Hilt's class, circa 1967-ish | OMPS Photo
Old Mission Peninsula School – Mrs. Hilt’s class, circa 1967-ish | OMPS Photo

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