Old Mission Peninsula School, Talent Show 1969 | OMPS Vintage Photos, Old Mission Gazette
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(This story is part of a continuing series about a collection of vintage slides from Old Mission Peninsula School that former OMPS Principal Bob Panter gave to Peninsula Community Library’s Local History Room in 2022. Read how it came about here, and check out more vintage OMPS photos here. -jb)

Back when there was a stage in the gym at Old Mission Peninsula School, we had a talent show every year. Today’s installment of The Panter Collection is a photo from the 1969 Talent Show.

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My earliest memory of the talent show was when I was in Kindergarten, with Mrs. DeWitt as my teacher. My sister Carol came down the hall to get me so I could be part of their act. It was some sort of hillbilly thing, and my job was to blow into a glass jug they placed in front of me. I think they also put a straw hat on my head.

That’s honestly all I remember about the talent show that year, although I’m thinking Ginny Dohm (Coulter; who runs Old Mission Flowers now) might have been part of it, because she was in my sister’s class. Since I was about five years old at the time, that would have put that particular talent show around 1965 or 1966. I participated in a few other talent shows later on, so maybe I’ll see myself in one of those photos.

As mentioned, today’s photo features the OMPS Talent Show circa 1969, and it looks like maybe a whole class decided to do something together. I don’t recognize anyone in there, so if you’re in there, or if you know anything about this photo – which class it was, accompanist, song choice, etc. – tell us in the comments section below. The kids look to be … maybe fifth or sixth grade …? I was probably in third or fourth grade at the time.

Also, a big thank-you to whoever decided back then to put the date right on the stage curtain. Who knew I’d be posting this photo some 54 years later, trying to figure out who’s in the photo?

I’ve got several of these talent show pics with different dates, but this is the only one I see right off the bat for 1969.

Old Mission Peninsula School, Talent Show 1969 | OMPS Vintage Photos, Old Mission Gazette
Old Mission Peninsula School, Talent Show 1969 | OMPS Vintage Photos, Old Mission Gazette

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