Kent Ackerman, UPS Driver on the Old Mission Peninsula | Ackerman Photo
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(Editor’s Note: Kent Ackerman, who’s been delivering packages to the Old Mission Peninsula for 18 years (38 years total as a UPS driver) is retiring at the end of January. Thanks for all your hard work in all kinds of weather, Kent! And for hoofing up my driveway in the dead of winter! -jb)

I am going to miss my Old Mission Peninsula family!! After 38 years working for UPS, I am going to finally retire at the end of January.

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For the last 18 years, it has been an incredible journey delivering out here on the Peninsula. The friendships that have developed will always hold a special place. Some memories I will never forget and some I really don’t care to remember…

Like the time two adult females had been doing some day drinking and suddenly decided they should moon the next vehicle that comes along…. You guessed it — I blew the horn and howled at the moon. (Editor’s Note: Hey, Day Drinkers – I dare you to reveal your identities in the comments below! -jb)

I cannot fully explain how much it meant to me when a hot thermos of cocoa suddenly appeared at a stop on a cold and windy day. My customers are the best. I’ve had people pull me out when stuck in deep snow in the winter, and let me sit on a dock, rest for a minute, and cool off or even swim for a while in the summer.

Kent Ackerman, UPS Driver on the Old Mission Peninsula | Ackerman Photo
Kent Ackerman, UPS Driver on the Old Mission Peninsula | Ackerman Photo

Stop by stop, I have racked up some crazy statistics over the 18 years delivering out here. I’ve walked 58,600 miles (two times around the world), delivered 1.3 million packages, driven pretty close to 600,000 miles, and climbed Mt. Everest 140 times!!

Everyone wants their house on the top of the hill or down on the beach so I have climbed 4.2 million feet in elevation. I think that’s only two trips up Jane’s driveway if I really needed a signature in the winter and had to walk it. (Thanks for hoofing up my driveway, Kent! -jb)

I went through four package cars, countless pairs of boots, and nearly lost fingers handing out dog treats! I nearly killed myself by falling on the ice — herniated disks, a concussion, a torn rotator, and nine months of recovery, only to get back in the truck and keep delivering for 10 more years.

I love the physical activity, but it is the people that make it all worthwhile. All the waves and smiles make a day bright again. I’m gonna miss my family out here!

I did find a cousin while delivering out here, but sadly, he delivers for USPS!! It seems like everyone knows Dennis. Only on the Peninsula can two cousins pull up, completely block the road, and catch up for a few minutes.

You’ll likely see me around — flying a drone taking aerial pictures for a landowner or mapping some acreage for a crop map. Feel free to get ahold of me if you want some drone footage or just a picture of your property ([email protected]).

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, it is always rewarding to be delivering out here on the Peninsula. Thank you for a great career and so many memories.

UPS Driver Kent Ackerman delivered packages to the Old Mission Peninsula in all kinds of weather - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter | Ackerman Photo
UPS Driver Kent Ackerman delivered packages to the Old Mission Peninsula in all kinds of weather – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter | Ackerman Photo

P.S. I challenge you to make sure you have an address post with 4″ reflective numbers, or a mailbox with reflective numbers on both sides.

-Kent Ackerman, UPS Driver on the Old Mission Peninsula

Reflective Numbers on Mailboxes
Reflective Numbers on Mailboxes

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  1. The only delivery driver who could negotiate our cul de sac year round. Feel free to stop by next Christmas for cookies.

  2. Always a cheery smile and wave. And, thank you Kent for always slowing down to avoid splashing us with mud while we were out walking, we noticed the courtesy. Best wishes in retirement.

  3. We will miss seeing you on Shipman Road…you were always cheerful and took care to make sure our packages stayed dry if we weren’t home. Enjoy your retirement…you deserve it (and it’s not overrated!)

  4. Kent, Thank You. The best driver. Always say hello and friendly. Just like your cousin Dennis. Enjoy your time with your family now. You deserve it!!! May God Bless you and keep you in excellent help to enjoy many years.
    Aggie Ochs

  5. Thank you Kent for many years of reliable and friendly service. You always take the packages to the back porch, which is greatly appreciated. You’re a star around our place. Enjoy your family and your drone. Take care.


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