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Advertise With Old Mission Gazette! Access Our 14,000+ Email Subscribers!

Get your message in front of thousands of Old Mission Peninsula residents, visitors and the Grand Traverse Region! Advertise in Old Mission Gazette’s website and email newsletter.


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About Old Mission Gazette

Old Mission Gazette is the daily digital newspaper for the Old Mission Peninsula (OMP), an 18-mile piece of land stretching into Lake Michigan north of Traverse City, Michigan. News, photos, history, vintage OMP recipes – we publish it all.

Owned and published by lifelong OMP residents Tim and Jane Boursaw, the Gazette is the recipient of Red Hot Best (Best Newspaper Reporter) and Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council (Investigative Journalism) awards.

Old Mission Gazette By the Numbers

  • Monthly Website Visitors: 3 Million
  • Email Newsletter Subscribers: 14,000+
  • Email Open Rate: 87%; Click-Throughs: 83%
  • Daily Facebook Views: 24,000
  • Daily Instagram Views: 18,000
  • Daily Twitter Views: 22,000

Ad Packages for Every Budget

All ads included in weekly email newsletter to 14,000+ subscribers. 3% discount for 6-mo.; 5% for 12-mo., pre-paid.

#1. THE BAY. Your logo/link at the bottom of the website home page and newsletter. $100/mo.; $582/6 mos.; $1140/12 mos.

#2. THE DOUGHERTY. Your ad at the bottom of all articles (300×300). $300/mo.; $1746/6 mos.; $3420/12 mos.

#3. THE VINEYARD. Your ad at the top of all articles (300×300). $350/mo.; $2037/6 mos.; $3990/12 mos.

#4. THE FIRE TRAIL. Your ad on the website home page and article sidebars (300×300). $400/mo.; $2328/6 mos.; $4560/12 mos.

#5. THE LIGHTHOUSE. Your ad banner at the top of every website page (728×90). $500/mo.; $2910/6 mos.; $5700/12 mos.

Three-month minimum, pre-paid. Additional graphics or layout: $50/hr.

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7 Reasons to Advertise With Old Mission Gazette

1. We Amplify Your Business. Three million people read the Gazette monthly, spending an average of 40 minutes on the website per visit. New stories and photos are posted daily. What’s that mean for you? Consistent brand awareness.

2. Thousands of Email Subscribers See You. 14,000+ email subscribers receive our weekly newsletter. The open rate is a whopping 87%, and the click-through rate is 83% – far exceeding the national average (16% and 4%).

3. Your Customers Read the Gazette. 65% of Old Mission Peninsula residents hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The median home value is $337,600, and the median household income is $76,392. (census.gov)

4. Digital News is Thriving. According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of U.S. adults get their news via online newspapers or social media. It’s no secret that print newspapers are dying in droves and digital news is expanding by leaps and bounds.

5. You’re an OMP Insider. Editor Jane Johnson Boursaw is a member of the Old Mission Women’s Club and OMP Historical Society. We also work closely with other OMP groups, including Old Mission Peninsula School, Peninsula Community Library, American Legion Post 399, Mission Point Lighthouse, Peter Dougherty Society, Peninsula Fire Department and local churches. We live here, work here, and play here.

6. You’re Supporting a Local Business. Both Tim and Jane were raised in farm families that go back six generations on the OMP. Paired with Jane’s 40-year career as a photojournalist with the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and others, there’s no better way to promote your business to the Old Mission Peninsula and Grand Traverse Region.

7. We Win Awards. Specifically, the Investigative Journalism Award from the Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council (NMEAC) and Best Newspaper Reporter from Red Hot Best of Northern Michigan.


Ready to make a great decision for your business and advertise with Old Mission Gazette? Contact Advertising Director Tim Boursaw, (231) 342-0209 or email tim@oldmission.net.

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Snowy Owl on Blue Water Road | Jane Boursaw Photo